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You are currently working as an administrative assistant in the social services division of your health care organization and have been asked to pre

You are currently working as an administrative assistant in the social services division of your health care organization and have been asked to prepare a presentation for an upcoming staff meeting. The staff meeting will focus on emerging health care issues that will impact your community in the future. Your presentation should focus on the impact of policy and regulation on the health care industry and its ability to address the selected issue in the future.


Research and select an emerging health care issue. This may include the following:

Opioid crisis
Escalating drug prices
Health care cybersecurity issues
Behavioral health care
Aging population
Health care employee burnout
Health care information transparency
Using the information you’ve learned in this course, consider how you could lead a discussion that would result in the design of a policy for the selected health care issue. Take into consideration the various aspects of the policy development cycle and level of implementation (federal, state, or local).

Assessment Deliverable

Create a 12- to 15-slide (not including the title slide and reference slide) presentation with a voiceover on your selected issue for your staff meeting. In your presentation:

Identify the issue that is being addressed.
Identify appropriate stakeholders for this issue.
Explain the importance of the issue and the target population that will be addressed.
Discuss the implementation plan for the policy and the level of government (federal, state, or local) that would be appropriate.
Discuss the impact of the proposed policy on the health care industry.
Discuss the evaluation process for determining the success of the policy.
Discuss outcomes and revisions that may be needed based on evaluation findings.
Note: Your presentation must include a voiceover. PLEASE INCLUDE SCRIPT FOR VOICE OVER

Cite at least 3 scholarly sources to support your presentation.

Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assessment.

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