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The Agency Chosen is Indian Health Services Essay

The Agency Chosen is Indian Health Services Essay

Choose one of the health care agencies discussed in Unit Two and discuss a current policy issue that involves that entity (examples: mental health, home health, women’s health, long-term care, community health centers, VA, etc.).
Consider how the Affordable Care Act effects the agency.
Consider any ethical or legal concerns within the health care agency.
Propose a policy that may influence health outcomes within the agency. The Agency Chosen is Indian Health Services Essay
How would the needed policy be best implemented?
Heide, aged 72, has both Medicare A and B coverage without Medicaid or a Medigap policy. Heide is hospitalized for a cerebral vascular event (stroke) due to a deep vein thrombus of the leg with pulmonary embolus. She is in the hospital for 70 days during the acute phase for care. She is being seen by a nurse practitioner, neurologist, and pulmonary medicine. Her condition has improved somewhat and she is being transferred to the skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. She stays in the facility for 30 days, but remains unable to care for herself at home. Heide is sent to a nursing home for custodial care where she lives for three months. Surprisingly, she experiences great improvement in functionality. Heide is released to return to her own home where she received physical therapy from a home health agency. She also has home care services provided for 4 hours a day, three times a week. This service aids in buying food, cooking, and light cleaning of the home. Heide has seven medications for maintenance care. The Agency Chosen is Indian Health Services Essay



What does Heide pay out-of-pocket and what does Medicare pay for the acute hospitalization phase, skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation services, nursing home care, home health services, personal care, and prescriptions? (Payment)
What ethical dilemmas are present in Heide’s case? (Ethical)
How do the following concepts impact the situation? (Community): The Agency Chosen is Indian Health Services Essay
Community-based care
Health policy needs
Patient advocacy
If Heide lived in a rural community, how would the concept of “critical access hospitals” impact this situation? (Rural)

Address the above content in a PowerPoint slide set. (This assignment requires only the PowerPoint slides. It does not require an accompanying recorded presentation.) Be sure to reference at least 2 current peer-reviewed sources in your slides (less than 5 years old). Your slide set should include the following elements for a total of 10 slides: The Agency Chosen is Indian Health Services Essay
Title slide
One slide per bullet point from question one (4 slides) and two (4 slides)
References slide with sources listed in APA format, also be sure to include in-text citations on individual slides
Please make sure to reference the grading rubric for this assignment as well to ensure you have addressed all required components.

I will complete the Title slide as well as the reference slide with references provided by the writer. The Agency Chosen is Indian Health Services Essay

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