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Pathology Pharyngitis Assignment Case Study Paper

Pathology Pharyngitis Assignment Case Study Paper

An introductory paragraph should introduce the theme of your paper, including your diagnosis and the body system involved. The introduction should provide the reader with a clear idea of the focus of the paper and what might be expected in the ensuing pages. The introduction can consist of three or four well-worded sentences.

The body of the paper will be divided into three separate sections, each with a clear heading. The sections are:

Symptoms and Diagnosis
The Symptoms and Diagnosis section should focus on the patient. The diagnosis should be clearly stated in the first paragraph of this section. Symptoms and test results should be clearly presented and thoroughly explained. Pathology Pharyngitis  Connections should be made between symptoms and tests and the patient’s condition or pathology. A discussion of cost/benefit should be provided to justify test/diagnostic test ordered. Provides a range of costs for each test and procedure.


Normal Physiology
The purpose of the Normal Physiology section is to explain normal physiological mechanisms and processes associated with the system involved in your case study. Each paragraph in this section should focus on a physiological principle or process directly related to your case. Paragraphs should include specific details (from credible sources) that support a central idea. Explanations of mechanisms at molecular, cellular, and organ levels should be integrated to illustrate the normal function of the system that is the focus of the case study.
The Pathophysiology section will focus on explanations of the disruption of normal molecular, cellular, and organ processes that lead to symptoms of the disease. A strong discussion will explain how changes in cellular function lead to manifestations of disease. The section should NOT focus on treatment, although if medications or treatments are discussed within the context of physiological processes, they may be included.
This paper will have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 pages long, not including title and reference pages

Pathology Pharyngitis Assignment Case Study Paper

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