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Paper Topic Submission and Bibliography Essay

Paper Topic Submission and Bibliography Essay

Conduct a literature search to identify an intervention that you are interested in and find at least one article reporting research that was done on the intervention of interest.
Make a list of other relevant articles you find to create a short bibliography of your intervention. Select one research article investigating your intervention. This is the article you will critique for this assignment.
Despite research on the prevention and treatment of mental disorders, new emerging issues such as dementia, mood disorder, physical, mental, and psychological trauma continue to pose challenges to our Veterans, people in the communities and older adults. There are many new and older interventions used to treat various diseases and symptoms of mental disorders, including medication therapy, talk therapy, and physical interventions such as electric shock treatments, magnetic treatments, baths, massages, etc. Paper Topic Submission and Bibliography Essay



Note: If you already have an intervention of interest to you but you can’t find any research on it, you will have to select a different intervention. Very new interventions might not have any published research yet. Your intervention must have research done on it. 0.25 pts for the intervention and the bibliography. This translates to 5% of your grade on the paper critique assignment. Paper Topic Submission and Bibliography Essay

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