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Nurse 417 Mod 4 Discussion Reply

Please respond to 2 peer discussion posts. References are not needed.

Peer #1 Kyleen
The module discussion this week is quite pertinent to my present workplace. We are in need of a new process and workflow when patients bring their own medication(s) from home at the time of their admission. Our current process and workflow for Prior to Admission (PTA) medication(s) is less than optimal. Currently, when a patient arrives to our facility, their belongings are placed in storage tubs and moved to a locked and secured holding area until the patient discharges. Unfortunately, this process has failed on multiple occasions. We have encountered numerous issues and flaws with the current process, resulting in safety concerns. For example, upon discharge a patient obtained her prescribed PTA medicine and promptly ingested the pills by emptying the contents of a pill bottle into her mouth and swallowing them. The patient deliberately ingested an excessive number of opioids from a pill container. During that period, the staff was uncertain of the specific drugs consumed and the exact quantity. Having knowledge about the specific tablets and their quantity included within would have been advantageous. The pill label included the name of the drug; however, it did not provide the exact quantity of pills remaining in the bottle at the time of the overdose. In addition, if the pills were counted and recorded upon admission, we would have precise knowledge of the exact number that were taken.

Implementing an innovative procedure and operational sequence for PTA medication could avert care interruptions and accelerate the patient’s treatment process with an intentional overdose. An optimal approach would involve implementing a new procedure and sequence of tasks that involves accurately counting all regulated medications, placing them in a securely sealed and labeled bag, documenting the medicine and quantity of pills on the sealed bag, and obtaining dual signatures from two nurses before storing the medication(s) in a locked location. An innovative workflow has been introduced for careful evaluation and examination. The informatics team, staff, leadership, and management are presently evaluating the suggested new procedure and workflow. If we incorporate this procedure into our admittance process, we could potentially enhance our ability to give additional details regarding the medication and the quantity of pills ingested. While it is not possible to completely prevent an overdose, we can establish a strategy that promotes the secure storage of prescriptions and accurate documentation of the specific medications and their quantities.

Peer #2 Joy
The process and workflow of my place of employment are tedious and have many split systems instead of a general cohesive one in which many can stem off from it. My place of employment is a gym/membership ordeal, meaning that I sell, manage, and have access to the customer’s information regarding their past, current, and potential membership with us. The process is not too time-consuming but the system is not updated and it requires many separate steps that can be avoided. For example, to sell a membership, you fill out the customer’s information both on paper and online. While I understand the need for a physical copy, it makes the job harder since I would have to simultaneously have to ask them for the information they are already filling out. Thus making the workflow slower and more tedious than it needs to be. The system in place to process all of the information is not difficult if more than two people are working, however, we are limited with time versus the number of people who come in with specific questions and or check-ins needing to be completed. I would change the processing system to make it to where the memberships are processed with an updated and simpler version of the current network used. I would also offer a self-check-in option for the members to scan themselves in with a person on watch.

Based on the learning materials, I believe that the single most significant impact on the interface between humans and technology is simplicity. As I have previously mentioned, my workflow in my workplace is slow and creates extra unnecessary steps that can be made into more compact, simpler steps. In the TEDx Talk video from Lisa Bodell, she mentions how living a simpler lifestyle can help us eliminate the complexity of our workplace in regard to time. Time is a factor that you cannot demand a refund, but instead, as Lisa later mentions, time should not be wasted. She further explains that in order to make life more efficient in quality and in time, we should prioritize, plan, and organize our schedule in a manner that requires less of our time and effort. I believe Lisa is right, if we prioritize our most important tasks versus the less in an organized and planned method, simple will always prove itself to be the most effective. A source to support this claim is from F. Lau, et al., in their article, “Improving Usability, Safety and Patient Outcomes with Health Information Technology”, their results indicate that patients found it more difficult to access and manage their health records and preferred a simpler approach (F. Lau, et al., 2019).



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