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NSG 4000 - Appl of Evidence-Based Rerch  Week 6 - Dropbox Assignment - Dissemination of Evidence Video Presentation

NSG 4000 – Appl of Evidence-Based Rerch

 Week 6 – Dropbox Assignment – Dissemination of Evidence Video Presentation


  • In this assignment, you will use the Unit 4 Evidence Paper (I attached the paper with the professor feedback) to complete Video Presentation using the same clinical PICOT question and 4 sources (3 high level research articles and the course textbook (Melnyk, B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2023). Evidence-based
    practice in nursing & healthcare: A guide to best practice (5th ed.).
    Wolters Kluwer.
    ISBN-13: 9781975185725). Before you complete this presentation, be sure to apply all instructor feedback from the Unit 4 Evidence Paper which was the draft of this assignment. Contact the Galen librarian for support with searching the databases if you need to replace articles and contact Galen technical support for any technical assistance.

In your 4 to 5-minute screen recorder video presentation (on camera recording your screen), use the 3 research articles and assigned course textbook to create the following 10 slides (including title and references):

1. Title Slide

·        Title of presentation (be creative with your title)

·        Full name

·        Name of Institution

·        Date

2. Introduction

·        State your interventional PICOT clinical question.

·        Share your interest or connection to the topic.

3. Justification: Briefly explain one reason why the topic should be investigated. Provide supportive resource for the justification.

4. Evidence-Based Practice Model: Use your textbook as a source to select one evidence-based practice model:

·        Identify and describe the evidence-based practice model.

·        Identify one key stakeholder and explain the significance of the stakeholder to your proposed project.

5. Summary of Evidence: Create an evidence table on a single slide to summarize the 3 research articles by using the sample table shown below. Briefly explain in your own words, the design, purpose, sample, methods, and findings for each study.

Article in-text
citation in APA format

Study design


Sample size and



Article 1 in-text

Article 2 in-text

Article 3 in-text

6. Analysis of Evidence: In your presentation, use the textbook as a source to provide an analysis of the data by verbally explaining:

1.     What two patterns in the data can you identify? (Consider the sample and its size, study methods, and whether it is appropriate to test the data, similarities/differences in the findings/concepts/themes).

2.     What is one strength of the data and why?

3.     What is one limitation of the data and why?

7. Recommendation for Practice: Based on the data and findings, briefly discuss one recommendation for enhancing clinical practice with the use of supportive evidence from the articles.

8. Recommendation for Research: Based on the research methods, briefly discuss one recommendation for future research with the use of supportive evidence from the textbook.

9. Conclusions: State how the evidence you found support your clinical question.

10. References: Formatted in APA style to include the 3 research articles and assigned course textbook (include in your video but you do not need to narrate the references slide). Ensure to include in-text citations throughout the presentation to credit your sources.


·        Adhere to the limit for the number of slides and length of presentation.

·        Confirm that your video file is less than 500 MB.

·        Save your recording as video file (MP4 file preferred) to your computer. See the list of Video File Formats Supported by CanvasLinks to an external site..

·        Review the tutorial on how to Upload Media as a Video File to Canvas DropboxLinks to an external site..

·        Upload the video file to the Dropbox for grading. Ensure to preview the thumbnail of the video within the Dropbox submission to confirm the file upload before you submit the assignment. If you do not see the video load within the preview after your submission, attach the MP4 file as an attachment to the assignment comments within the dropbox, and contact Galen technical support for assistance. 

To complete this assignment:

·        Use a video screencast recorder such as ScreenPal, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Stream to record your presentation. Review the guides: ScreenPal’s Screen RecorderLinks to an external site. and Microsoft Stream Screen RecordingLinks to an external site..

·        You may use Microsoft PowerPoint or similar software to create the presentation content.

·        Review the Microsoft Office Tips for Creating an Effective PresentationLinks to an external site. and additional Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint PresentationsLinks to an external site.

·        Your presentation should be organized, attractive, creative, and professional.

o   Be mindful of your attire, background, language, and possible distractions from family, phones, and pets.

o   Use contrasting font and background colors and appropriate font sizes to enhance readability.

o   Use short bulleted points and limit the use of large amount of texts.

o   Use smart art, graphics, and quality images when appropriate.

·        Note that you are required to be on camera recording yourself while presenting your screen.

o   You will need access to a portable or built-in computer camera and microphone for this recording.

o   Be sure to have adequate room lighting and be mindful of your recorded video and audio quality.

o   Your final video file (MP4 file preferred) must be less than 500 MB in size.

o   Do not read from your notes or slide. Prepare by completing each slide beforehand, write notes to use as speaking points or a script, study the material, and rehearse for time management before you record. 







Evidence Video Presentation Grading Rubric





5 pts


Excellent context where presentation clearly identifies •
Excellent nurse-related interventional clinical question including all 5
PICOT components. • Personal interest in the nurse-related topic.

Justification of the Topic


5 pts


Excellent context where presentation clearly explains one
reason why the topic should be investigated.

Evidence-Based Practice Model


5 pts


Excellent context where presentation clearly discussed the
following with the use of supportive evidence: • An EBP model • One

Evidence Table


10 pts


Excellent context where the presentation included a complete
evidence table free from errors. All articles are scholarly/peer-reviewed and
dated within 5 years.

Presentation of Evidence Table


10 pts


Excellent context where the presenter briefly summarizes the
evidence from 3 research articles by verbally presenting all of the the
following 6 criteria: • Type of study/design • Purpose • Sample • Methods •
Results • How the study connects to your clinical question.

Evidence Analysis


20 pts


Excellent context where the presenter clearly presented an
analysis of the evidence from 3 studies with excellent rationales on: · two
patterns, · one strength, and · one limitation in the data



10 pts


Excellent context where presentation clearly discusses one
recommendation for clinical practice AND one recommendation for future



5 pts


Excellent conclusion clearly summarizes a statement of how the
evidence found supports the clinical question.

Outcome Professionalism and Organization


20 pts


Excellent presentation clearly demonstrates professionalism
and organization including: · Presentation is free from background noise and
distraction. · Professional use of slide template with appropriate use of
visual aids. · Use of short bulleted points and presenter is not reading from
slides. · Fonts and print type are large and clear with color enhancing
readability. · Excellent video and audio quality. · Clear speech with
appropriate verbal skills where the presenter is clearly prepared and appears
knowledgeable on the subject matter. · Presenter is dressed in professional
attire. · Presentation adhered to the allotted time frame and/or was under 7



5 pts


Excellent presentation clearly adheres to grammar. The text is
written with no errors in spelling, grammar, word order, word usage, and

APA Format


5 pts


Excellent presentation clearly adheres to APA formatting.
Meeting all 3 criteria: • There is consistent presence of correctly formatted
APA in-text citations of the references used on the reference page within the
text. • Correct APA formatting on the reference page. • The presentation used
at least 4 scholarly peer-reviewed sources dated within the past 5 years.

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