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Matrix Summary Presentation

Matrix Summary Presentation – Section 004
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Once you complete the Matrix paper, you will be presenting your information using Kaltura. For this assignment:

You will present a 5-10 slide power point and narrate it using Kaltura. Kaltura has the option to record both video and audio. Please record video if possible. It is great to be able to see the speaker using video.
Please “Reply” to this board and Embed your video. You will need to go to “My Media” and Publish your video to this course, Analysis… Once published your video will be visible in the ‘Kaltura Media Gallery’.
The Presentation is due 2/18/2024.
You will also complete two (2) audio peer reviews of other presentations within your section. These reviews are due no later than 2/23/2024 at 11:59pm. Please note this is a Friday
This assignment enables the learners to meet Course SLO #1, 2, 4.

Grading will be completed within 3 days after the assignment due date, with feedback provided once all submissions are graded.

Here is an example of presentation by a student in a past class of DNP 816 with Presentation of Matrix Findings with permission (Links to an external site.)
Important Notes: Submit your assignment as a reply to this discussion.

This should be a brief presentation of the gaps you identified, research needs and what the next steps will be on this topic.
There should be 3-8 slides (max of 10): Be concise on the slides and then add more information as you verbally present it.
Title Slide – include your name and the specific focus of your topic
Slide #1- PICO and why this is your area of interest and why important
Slide #2- Major Findings- be sure to cite the articles on the slide as you address the findings (use a smaller number for 1st author or use numbers only given space restraints)
Slide #3- Gaps in Literature
Slide #4- Research Needs and next steps
Slide #5 References
This is not a hard and fast number but we don’t want more than 10 slides or over 20 minutes
Look at the Q/As within the course as your issue may be discussed there.
DNP 816 Literature Gap Presentation Rubric 3.23.docx Download DNP 816 Literature Gap Presentation Rubric 3.23.docx
DNP 816 Peer Evaluation Rubric 3.23.docx Download DNP 816 Peer Evaluation Rubric 3.23.docx
Below is a video of how to publish & embed your Kaltura video. Please note you must publish your Kaltura video before you can embed it – I speak to how to publish at the end of the video. I also cover how to submit your audio Peer Review.



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