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GSB003 - Managing Financial Resources Assessment

Assignment Task

1. Financial Statement Analysis

Prepare a report based on a selected organisation This assessment gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that you can apply concepts covered in topics 1-4. It requires you to examine, analyse and discuss the information contained in the General Purpose Financial Statements (GPFS) of a chosen organisation in order to draw conclusions regarding its financial performance and financial position.

2. Budgeting and cost analysis

This task requires you to examine and analyse a selected budget within your organisation (or business unit) to draw conclusions and recommendations regarding its effectiveness as a mechanism for monitoring costs and performance within your organisation. As part of this examination you are required to analyse the cost elements within the budget so as to understand the cost structure of the organisation (or business unit) and key factors influencing it.

3. Each week, you are required to complete the topic by topic self-assessment multiple choice questions in myABS.

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