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Global Issues of Climate Change Essay

Global Issues of Climate Change Essay

Nation-states have turned to the establishment of treaties to address global environmental challenges and to establish international laws and regulations.

For this assignment, you will examine the method that nation-states have undertaken to address the global issue of climate change. The global community has come together and established a means to curb the impact of climate change through the creation of a series of treaties, Paris and Kyoto, that establish standards for the reduction of CO2 on a global basis. Global Issues of Climate Change Essay


Focus your assignment on the following:

Why have the nations of the world used treaties as the preferred method to address environmental concerns?
What are the historical facts and circumstances that led to the signing of both treaties, Paris Accords and Kyoto Protocols
What are the requirements under the treaties for a signing nation to adhere to?
How do the two treaties differ and how are they similar?
Do the treaties set benchmarks for nations to meet to reduce CO2, and are these benchmarks realistically attainable? Global Issues of Climate Change Essay
What is the enforcement mechanism under each treaty?
What happens if a nation does not follow or adhere to each treaty?
What weaknesses do you see with enforcing the requirements of each treaty upon the member nations who are in noncompliance? Global Issues of Climate Change Essay

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