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For this assignment, you will conduct a website analysis and keyword research for a business using industry-standard keyword research tools. You will

Assignment Task

Case Study

For this assignment, you will conduct a website analysis and keyword research for a business using industry-standard keyword research tools. You will also provide recommendations for improvement and develop a paid search campaign using target keywords identified in your research.

This assignment is completed in two parts and and will evaluate the following Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the suitability of various digital marketing strategies and tactics for achieving specific marketing communications and business objectives.
  • Construct digital advertising material that meets marketing and business objectives.

Part A – Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Seo Analysis

Your Task

You’re an intern at the company you selected for this assignment. As part of your internship, you will work on digital marketing projects for the company.

Margaret, the Director of Marketing, has asked you to review their website and provide recommendations for improvement. She wants to do a search marketing campaign next month and needs to ensure the website is optimized and leverages popular keywords before it launches.


  • Include the specific URLs you are analyzing in your report
  • Identify the type of website it is (from Ch 1) and the primary objective of the site. Make note of all conversion opportunities currently available on the site.
  • Remember to refer the reader to the keyword research spreadsheet you include as an attachment.

Website Analysis

Analyze the company home page and one product page using one of the Principles of Good Web Design (textbook Ch. 2) listed below. Consider all potential target markets during this review

Keyword Research

Conduct keyword research to identify potential target keywords for your company’s upcoming search campaign and content marketing strategy. Consider all potential target markets during this review.

Things to consider during your research:

  • What keyword phrases would support your specific objective best (see above)
  • What is the user intent? How does this impact search terms? Include terms for all types of intent.
  • What does your biggest competitor use?
  • Should you include branded keywords 
  • Are there any keywords you should NOT include

SEO Analysis

Use the checklist below to analyze the product page for SEO to prepare the website for the search campaign.

SEO Checklist

  •  3-click rule: Can the user find the product with no more than three mouse clicks from the homepage?
  • Test your Page Speed
  • The website is secure and runs on HTTPS
  • URL is short and simple
  • The target search keyword is used in the first 100 words of the page.
  • Headings convey hierarchy, including keywords and H2 tags.
  • The benefit-focused description contains the target search phrase/keyword.
  • The page is optimized for mobile compatibility
  • The page is optimized with target search phrase/keyword in:
  • Title tag
  • URLs and anchor text
  • Headings & Subheadings
  • Body Copy
  • Image names/alt text

PART B – Paid Search Campaign

Your Task

Your boss, Margret, loved your Website Analysis and Keyword Research report and wants you to prepare a 2-week Paid Search Campaign proposal to leverage your recommended target search phrases/keywords.

The goal: To increase online sales for [your product] by 5% during the search campaign period.

Determine your strategy

Select a start date for your campaign and develop a strategy.

  • Write a SMART objective relevant to the campaign (based on the information provided by your boss).
  • Identify and describe a specific target market for the campaign (consider the target search phrase/keyword and user intent).
  • Highlight the target search phrase/keywords used on the product page (update data from the first report if required). Provide a rationale for your selection. Explain how it supports the campaign objective and is relevant to the target market.

Design an optimized landing page

Design a landing page to support your campaign. Your page should support your conversion goal. Provide a rationale for how your landing page increases the likelihood of conversion and supports your campaign objective. Recommend 3 specific elements that could be a/b tested on your landing page if your conversiongoals aren’t met. For each element, identify what you would change, how you would change it and why/how you feel this might improve conversion.

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