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FB Patient Encounter – Florence Blackman iHuman Case

FB Patient Encounter – Florence Blackman iHuman Case

Step 1: Complete Patients Case for Florence Blackman i-Human

Access i-Human Patients® by clicking the Exercise tab.

Step 1: i-Human Patients® Case Completion

Click the Cases tab to complete the i-Human Patients® Case for FB.

Interview FB to obtain her complete patient history.

Document findings in i-Human Patients®.

Complete a health assessment and focused physical exam based on current evidence.

Document health assessment and focused physical exam findings and develop a problem list for FB.

Note: To successfully complete the lab component, score a cumulative 70% on i-Human Patients® assessments in weeks 1, 3, and 5.

Step 2: Data Interpretation

Determine expected tests for FB based on history, exam, and problem list.

Evaluate test results to identify actual and/or potential diseases for which FB is at risk.

Summary Note (350 words):

I arrived at FB’s problem list through a thorough examination of her patient history, health assessment, and focused physical exam. Initial questions and answers revealed pertinent information, including symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle factors. Correlating this with lab results, a comprehensive picture emerged.

Assessment results indicated symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, and persistent cough, prompting further investigation. Lab results, including CBC and imaging, revealed abnormalities consistent with potential respiratory and hematologic issues. The elevated white blood cell count hinted at an underlying infection or inflammatory process, while imaging findings suggested pulmonary involvement.

The detailed interview highlighted FB’s history of smoking, providing valuable context for potential respiratory issues. This, combined with physical exam findings like diminished breath sounds, raised concerns about pulmonary function. The interconnectedness of symptoms and results allowed for a comprehensive problem list.

In summary, FB’s problem list includes respiratory concerns, potentially indicative of infections or inflammatory conditions. The correlation between symptoms, interview data, and lab results strengthens the likelihood of respiratory issues, guiding the direction for further diagnostic interventions and a targeted care plan.

Relevant Assessment Results:

Persistent cough, fatigue, and weight loss.

Diminished breath sounds on physical exam.

Elevated white blood cell count on CBC.

Imaging findings suggestive of pulmonary involvement.

This evidence-based approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of FB’s health status and guides subsequent diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Florence Blackman iHuman Case.

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